Hi. We’re Disconnect24, the research laboratories of RiiConnect24.

What is DC24?

Disconnect24 is a developer’s edition of RiiConnect24. This edition often has new features and API.

Wait, why don’t we all just use DC24 if it has more features?

We strongly advise against using DC24 because these new features are often untested and especially unstable. Using this branch of RC24 is recommended only if you want to use your Wii/Wii U as a testing subject to discovering the best way to deliver RC24 content.

If it isn’t intended for normal users, then who is it for and why?

DC24 is intended for Developers that want to contribute, share and test code they made for RC24 without exposing it to users that only want a revival service that “Just WorksTM”. DC24 is also intended for those who want to test out code, look for any bugs and report them to us.

What is the dangers of using DC24?

Disconnect24 is UNSTABLE. Most things on DC24, including services that are already available in RC24, have been modified and updated with newly discovered ways to deliver the content. Usually, the only real harm is that the service doesn’t work, but there is always a chance that one of our services may brick your Wii if done incorrectly or even from normal use, which is why you should only install and use this branch at your own risk. We are not responsible if it bricks your Wii.

Well, what can I do here?

Good question! You can: