Announcing the Disconnect24 Channel!

Wait… what?

The Disconnect24 Channel?

You heard that right! Disconnect24 is making its own channel for Wii! This channel will do a variety of things related to DC24 and will act as the ultimate all-in-one app.

Cool! Are you working on it?

Coding and design mockups have just started. The channel will have a forwarder so it will appear nicely on your Wii menu (thanks to Adrian/KuraiKokoro for doing this!) and it is being coded in Lua, with some C [Update: It is coded entirely in C++]. The channel aims to fetch the latest Disconnect24 announcements/news, updates and install DC24.

Wait, did you say installing Disconnect from a channel?!

Yep! The Disconnect24 Channel will have a smooth installer that installs DC24 on your Wii without the fuss of patching it on your computer. To add to this, it will also have a nice-looking GUI to make the process user-friendly to the average user. The channel will also allow you to update DC24 services as updates roll out on your Wii - saving you even more time re-patching!

That’s amazing! What else can it do?

The channel will also hopefully give you the option to check the Disconnect24 status as well as the latest announcements - like this one - on your Wii! You can get the latest DC24 news and stories straight from us onto your Wii from the channel as well. This is the icing on top of the DC24 channel as a perfect WC24 revival program.

Can I help?

Sure! Contact TheMrIron2 or Spotlight on Discord about it. We are open to help from other Lua, Go or C programmers for the task as well as anyone who can make design concepts/mockups. We may also start accepting donations.

When will it be ready?

We honestly have no idea. We are all occupied with real life, unfortunately (as much as we would like to work on this) and as such we can’t give you any sort of deadline or release date. So like RiiConnect24, the answer to “When is it coming?” is just going to have to be “When it’s done”.