We're alive!

Woah. We did it!


Hi! Happy to be here.

So why exactly do you exist?

We’re a replacement for WiiConnect24. We felt that a current replacement under the name RiiConnect24 wasn’t suited for longterm use due to mismanagement, and despite members of our team trying to fix it, it didn’t work out. A lot of our code is based on their code, as one of our active developers is an ex-developer from them.

What’s the difference, mainly?

The name! Partially kidding.

RiiConnect24 uses a single server to provide all of their services, and it requires manual management. We are creating our “infrastructure” to stay completely dynamic – if you push something on our server, it’ll go live instantly. We’re also investigating checks to stop potential failures and better security measures for data.

We’re also using Google Cloud Platform for the main part. We may bridge off into having services like mail on Cloud Platform and file generation elsewhere, but we’re attempting not to.

Seems like you disagree with what they do… do you hate them?

No! In a sense, we are them. Many active members use or have used RiiConnect24 in the past, and know a bit on how it works. We’d like to keep relationships friendly between their dev team and server.

Furthermore, we agree with their OSS license choice. Our dev is entirely controlled/decided by normal members via our Discord server and in the future potentially other methods. We want to keep everything OSS so that people could clone us if needed. A fork of a fork – take that!

Wow. Exciting.

I know, right?