Disconnect24 is a branch of RiiConnect24 that discovers new ways to deliver content to Wiis. The name was provided by Twin_Turbo (@Twin_Turbo#8726 on Discord) – thanks to them!

Current project status: in heavy initial development. We plan to have:

Noted Contributors

hi, my name’s spotlight. if stuff breaks, i fix it. that’s all, thanks

a huge geeky nerd who has motivation occasionally

does stuff with the website until it breaks and then needs Spotlights help

A guy who likes to code in different languages and play games on many different systems, though is not (particularly) involved with Disconnect24 right now.

Usually works on the website and secret projects until it breaks and then needs Spotlights help

I scurry around finding things to do most of the time, filling in holes that I have some form of knowledge in.