Service Status

Name Status State
This service is currently in the public beta. Visit the patching site to learn more.
Disconnect24 Channel
Disconnect24 has placed this project on hold. More information will be released as it becomes available.
News Channel
This channel is currently in development. Backend downloading exists, but collection + compression does not.
Forecast Channel
While not yet in development, Disconnect24 is investigating the best weather service to aggregate from.
Everybody Votes Channel
Backend support is being worked on, but question creation currently does not work.
Nintendo Channel
While Disconnect24 has a plan of how to do this. The video format used, Mobiclip for Wii, hasn't been figured out.
Check Mii Out
While Disconnect24 would like to support this in the future, no focus is being devoted on it at this time.
Wii no Ma
Disconnect24 is not officially supporting development on this channel, but has partnered with another group developing for it.
Wii Speak Channel
Due to the high amount of work required and current priorities, Disconnect24 is not investigating this service right now.